About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our premier foreign exchange service. Whether you wish to obtain more for your money, reduce currency risk, or simply be assured of a reliable payments service, we can take care of all your currency requirements.


We offer a range of products to both individual and corporate accounts, including spot transactions, forward contracts, or market watching.

Feel free to get in touch via chat or contact form to speak to one of our brokers and see how much we can not only save you on your international payments, but how many points you will earn at the same time.

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Our Payment Methods

Premium Foreign Currency Service

Go Xchange currency payments are provided by The Currency Cloud, authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority under the electronic money regulations 2011. Our award-winning service offers payment solutions that enable individuals and companies to achieve more competitive currency exchange rates.


As a currency specialist, Go Xchange use extensive market knowledge considered with your exact circumstances to protect profits from adverse currency fluctuations, with the ability to offer you access to commercial exchange rates.

How we can help your business?

Go Xchange is founded upon excellence in pricing and our premier service. The exchange rates we quote are live to the second, unlike many banks which quote a daily rate. The sheer volume of foreign exchange we trade allows us to access the best exchange rates on the market. We offer low margin cost effect facilities enabling our clients to save money on every transaction.

Increase your cash flow

We can secure a rate for you today in the spot market or through forward contracts at lower costs to current providers. This means that you will have more cash flow to use in your business, for the purchase of additional stock or to make strategic investments.

Reduce Your Financial Risk

Getting the best exchange rate is more than simply obtaining the best quote compared to your other providers. Our currency experts understand the markets and can inform you of the most opportune times to buy your currency. However, the final decision is always with the you.

Increase your profit margins

If your company imports/exports goods or services then there may be a delay between the time the price is agreed and when the transaction is secured in the market. We can safeguard your business and even help you profit from currency volatility.