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Competitive Fintech Pricing

Safe & Secure Payment Platform

24/7 Dedicated Account Manager

Exclusive Reward Points

Make foreign exchange more enjoyable with our Privilege Rewards Programme

Go Xchange work with a wide variety of companies ranging from construction to leisure industries. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your currency requirements and offer tailored services to ensure competitive exchange rates.


Our range of services including forward contracts, spot transactions and market watching helps protect your profit margin against sudden movements in the foreign exchange market.

Getting money to your overseas suppliers couldn't be easier with Go Xchange

Paying family and friends overseas, or looking to purchase international property? At Go Xchange we make currency transfers fast and flexible.

Not only will you have access to competitive, Fintech pricing, we operate on a platform that is trusted and uses superior technology, allowing you access to a multi-currency account with more than 35+ currencies.

You also receive points back to spend on events, experiences and international travel.